Ceramic Bottom Brackets

Discover High-Quality Ceramic Bottom Brackets

Smooth and Durable Bearings

Explore our range of ceramic bottom brackets, designed for exceptional performance and durability. Each bracket features advanced ceramic bearings that provide a smoother ride and greater efficiency.

Top Brands: Rotor and CyclingCeramic

We proudly offer top brands like Rotor and CyclingCeramic, known for their specialized manufacturing and commitment to excellence in ceramic bottom brackets.

Compatibility Across Standards

Available in all market standards, our ceramic bottom brackets ensure compatibility with Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal performance.

Enhance Your Cycling Experience

Upgrade your bike with our premium ceramic bottom brackets today and experience the difference in performance and durability.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Quality: Exceptionally smooth and durable bearings.
  • Wide Compatibility: Available in all market standards.
  • Brand Assurance: Top brands Rotor and CyclingCeramic.
  • Performance Enhancements: Smoother rides and greater efficiency.
  • Customer Support: Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist.
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  • BB30 framesets

    BB30 is a standard of the 2010's. Frame measures 68mm width and internal diameter measures 42mm. There are little holes located into the frame in order to lock BB30 bearings. Cannondale is the most famous brand using this standard.

  • BSA framesets

    BSA frames are very popular frames and this old standard of the 2000's is coming back in the 2020's with Specialized bikes. The thread allows perfectly aligned bearings which means durability and smoothness. Famous bikes with BSA are Tarmac SL7 and SL8. We supply bearings for these bikes in order to assemble Shimano, Sram and Rotor cranks: 24mm, 30mm, GXP and DUB.

  • ITA framesets

    ITA is the Italian standard of threaded frames. It's a popular standard on Pinarello bikes. Find the ITA BB that you need for your Shimano, Sram or Rotor crankset

  • BBright framesets

    BBRight arrived on the market with Cervélo frames. It's still used on many frames. This is a pressfit standard with different widths left/right. We provide BBright BB with standard or ceramic bearings for Rotor, Shimano and Rotor cranks

  • BB86 framesets

    BB86 measures 86mm width with 41mm internal diameter. BB86 is the most popular pressfit standard and it's used on many bikes of many brands: Canyon and Scott have all frames in BB86 and other brands are also using BB86: Lapierre, Giant, Bianchi, BMC...

  • BB386 evo framesets

    BB386 evo is mostly used on Look frames. It's 86mm width and 46mm internal diameter, pressfit standard. Find a large choice of BB386 BB for your frame if you need to mount a Shimano, Sram or Rotor crankset

  • PressFit30 framesets

    The PF30 frames measure 46mm in diameter and 68mm in width. They are relatively uncommon in the market. There is an asymmetric variant, the PF30A. It accommodates cranksets with 30mm, 24mm, DUB, and GXP spindle sizes

  • BB65 framesets

    BB65 is a very rare standard with 65mm bearings. Only used on certain Look frames for Zed crankset.

  • T47 framesets

    The T47 frames are threaded and come in 3 different widths: T47 with internal or external bearings, T47A (asymmetric). They are found on Trek and Factor bikes. A 30mm crankset is a good choice with this standard, but it is also possible to fit Shimano 24mm cranksets and Sram GXP or DUB cranksets.

    -T47 external: 68mm wide frame

    -T47A (asymmetric): 77mm wide frame

    -T47 internal: 85.5 to 86.5mm wide frame

    Choose your T47 ceramic bottom bracket based on the width and type of crankset you want to install. Some bottom brackets with identical compatibility are available from both Rotor and CyclingCeramic.

  • T45 framesets

    T45 frames are rare on the market. It's a 2020's standard for Colnago frames. T45 is threaded. With our T45 BB you'l get quality threaded BB with perfectly aligned BB for a better lifespan and better smoothness.

  • BB90 framesets

    BB90 is a Trek standard of the 2000's. It's a pressfit technology. Due to the small diameter it's only compatible with 24mm and GXP cranks.

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