Steel bottom brackets

Explore our selection of steel bottom brackets, designed for cyclists seeking robust and reliable performance. Our steel bottom brackets are available in a variety of standards including BB86, BSA, and T47, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of bikes. Engineered for durability, these bottom brackets offer exceptional longevity and strength, making them ideal for both competitive and recreational cyclists. Each steel bottom bracket in our collection is crafted with precision toprovide smooth and consistent operation, even under the toughest riding conditions. Whether you're looking to replace aworn-out bottom bracket or upgrade to a more durable option, our steel bottom brackets deliver the performance and reliability you need. Our steel bottom brackets are compatible with major brands such as Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your bike's drivetrain. Enhance your cycling experience with a steel bottom bracket that combines strength, durability, and top-notch performance.

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  • Track BB

    BSA track frames have similar dimensions to BSA road. However chainline is closer to the frame and you need a shorter specific BB to mount your track crankset.

  • BB30 frames

    Steel bearings for BB30 frames

  • BSA frames

    Explore our economical steel BSA bottom brackets for 68mm threaded frames. Ideal for Shimano and Rotor cranksets. Get durable and affordable bike components with worldwide shipping.

  • ITA frames

    ITA steel Bottom Brackets for Shimano and Rotor cranks

  • BBRight frames

    Find a steel BB for your BBRight frame (Cervélo), with a Shimano or Rotor crankset

  • BB86 Frames

    BB86 bottom brackets are designed for frames with an 86mm width and 41mm inner diameter. These bottom brackets require press-fitting into the frame to mount cranksets, whether Shimano or Rotor, with either 24mm or 30mm spindles. For instance, a 24mm spindle like Shimano or certain Rotor models will need a BB86 41/24 bottom bracket, while a Rotor 30mm spindle requires a BB86 41/30 bottom bracket. BB86 is commonly found on carbon frames from brands like Canyon and Scott, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance for your bike.

  • BB386 Frames

    Steel bottom brackets for BB386 frames. These frames have a diameter of 46mm and a width of 86mm. Here, you will find products designed to mount Shimano and Rotor cranksets on a BB386 frame. Our selection ensures compatibility and optimal performance for your bike, providing durable and reliable solutions for your cycling needs.

  • PressFit30 frames

    PressFit 30 (PF30) frames have a diameter of 46mm and a width of 68mm, requiring a press-fit bottom bracket. Here, we offer a selection of PF30 bottom brackets with steel bearings, designed for mounting Shimano or Rotor cranksets with either 24mm or 30mm spindles. Our PF30 bottom brackets ensure a secure and precise fit, providing durability and optimal performance for your bike. Whether you are upgrading or replacing, find the perfect bottom bracket to match your needs.

  • T47 frames

    T47 bottom brackets come in various sizes to meet your specific needs: T47 68mm, T47 86mm, and T47A asymmetric 77mm. All our bottom brackets feature steel bearings, providing excellent value for money. Whether you need to mount Shimano, Rotor, or Sram DUB cranksets, we offer options for 24mm, 30mm, and 29mm spindles. Our selection ensures optimal performance and exceptional durability for your bike.

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