ROTOR Chainrings

Large choice of Rotor chainrings: 10,11,12 speeds chainrings, single chainrings, direct mount or spider mount, round or ovalized chainrings. Some of our chainrings are not only compatible with Rotor cranksets but also with Sram and Shimano cranksets.

Rotor chainrings round NOQ or oval QRINGS


  • Shimano 12-11S...

    These chainrings have been designed for Shimano 12s chains. They are all with a 4 hole spider mount. They are compatible with both Rotor spiders and Shimano 12s cranksets. Upgrade your Shimano 8170 or 9270 groupset with these chainrings.

  • Sram AXS

    These Rotor chainrings are designed for AXS groupsets and available in 2 versions: one for Rotor cranks, one for Sram cranksets with the 107mm Sram spider.

  • Shimano GRX 11S

    Double chainrings for Shimano GRX groupsets. 110/80mm BCD

  • Shimano Rotor 4 hole...

    Rotor 4 hole chainrings with a 110mm BCD are the most popular chainrings. They are available in many variations.

  • 5 arm chainrings

    Rotor 5 arm 110mm BCD chainrings are the reference of the early 2010's. We keep available a little amount of these chainrings. Most of the time they have been replaced by the 4 hole standard

  • Standard 130

    Rotor 5 arm chainrings with 130mm BCD. This standard was popular in the 2000's. Then it was replaced by 5 arm 110 BCD. We have a little inventory of these 130mm chainrings in order to use vintage cranksets with this standard.

  • Campagnolo

    Rotor 113mm and 135mm chainrings to assemble on Campy cranks of the 2000's and early 2010's. Most of sizes are discontinued.

  • NoQ (round)

    This category includes all our Rotor round chainrings. It's another way for you to sort chainrings and find the round chainrings that you need for your crankset.

  • Qrings/Ovalized
  • Spidering...

    Single or double directmount chainrings. Spidering is one piece of aluminum that combines spider and 1 or 2 chainrings. They are supposed to simplify the drivetrain and to add extra choice of setups: micro compact double chainrings, very small single chainrings for MTB/Gravel...

  • Single chainring

    Single chainrings are becoming more and more popular, especially on gravel bikes. Find here all Rotor single chainrings available : 4 arm chainrings for Rotor spiders and Inspider powermeter, Direct Mount spiderings single chainring. The new standard 2023 is called "universal tooth" and will be compatible with all 11 & 12s chains.

  • Track/Fixie

    Find here the perfect chainrings for your track or fixie bike. You'll enjoy the great stiffness of these 144mm BCD chainrings made in Spain by Rotor. Select the size of chainring that you need for your track discipline. They are compatible with the Rotor track spider called track30. 

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