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CyclingCeramic, a small French company, produces its own hybrid bearings with a reinforced steel cage. CyclingCeramic bearings offer durability, performance, and competitiveness, fitting perfectly into the customization of your bike.

CyclingCeramic is a small French company specializing in the manufacture of high-quality hybrid bearings. CyclingCeramic bearings feature a reinforced steel cage, preventing any risk of rust and significantly extending their lifespan. Ideal for demanding cyclists, CyclingCeramic products offer exceptional performance and increased durability. In addition to their quality, CyclingCeramic bearings stand out with very competitive prices, making CyclingCeramic an essential choice for the customization of your bike. Explore our full range, including bearings for wheels, bottom brackets, Oversized Pulley Wheels Systems (OSPW) and derailleur pulleys, and optimize your cycling experience with CyclingCeramic products.

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