Rotor cranks & parts

Find a Rotor crankset and configure it, or select a bottom bracket among a large inventory, or find any Rotor part that you need for your bike: chainrings, axles, spiders and accessories

Rotor cranks and parts


  • Rotor Cranks

    Access every family of Rotor cranksets and then choose the crankset that best suits your needs. The final step will be to choose the chainrings and possibly the 24/30mm axle type.

    -Vegast: 24 or 30mm axle, forged aluminum, 165 to 175mm

    -Aldhu: 24 or 30mm axle, CNC-machined aluminum, from 150 to 175mm (30g lighter than Vegast)

    -Aldhu carbon: 30mm axle, carbon cranks, from 155 to 175mm (95g lighter than Aldhu)

    -Kapic: MTB model, 30mm axles of various widths, available in aluminum and carbon, single chainring

  • Rotor and...

    We have categorized our bottom brackets by frame standards: first, find out your frame standard and click on the one that matches your bike. Once in the frame category, you will have a selection of bottom brackets, and you can choose the one that fits your crankset based on the axle type: 24mm, 30mm, GXP, or DUB. Most of our bottom brackets are available in both steel and ceramic versions. Our bottom bracket offerings are based on the Rotor and CyclingCeramic product lines

  • ROTOR Chainrings

    Large choice of Rotor chainrings: 10,11,12 speeds chainrings, single chainrings, direct mount or spider mount, round or ovalized chainrings. Some of our chainrings are not only compatible with Rotor cranksets but also with Sram and Shimano cranksets.

  • Rotor spare parts

    Rotor is making modular cranksets. Spare parts are available to modify your Rotor crank or to replace bolts, centerbolts... We are able to source almost all Rotor spare parts. Feel free to contact us to find a part that wouldn't be listed.

  • Rotor powermeters

    Inspider, Inpower, and 2INpower: 3 variations of Rotor powermeters. Inpower for discovering power measurement, Inspider for versatility and mounting performance, 2INpower for absolute precision


    Save on Rotor powermeters !

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