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Access every family of Rotor cranksets and then choose the crankset that best suits your needs. The final step will be to choose the chainrings and possibly the 24/30mm axle type.

-Vegast: 24 or 30mm axle, forged aluminum, 165 to 175mm

-Aldhu: 24 or 30mm axle, CNC-machined aluminum, from 150 to 175mm (30g lighter than Vegast)

-Aldhu carbon: 30mm axle, carbon cranks, from 155 to 175mm (95g lighter than Aldhu)

-Kapic: MTB model, 30mm axles of various widths, available in aluminum and carbon, single chainring

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  • Rotor Vegast cranks

    Vegast cranksets are designed for those on a tight budget without compromising Rotor quality. Vegast is crafted from aluminum and forged in Spain. It is fully compatible with all other components designed for its big brother, Aldhu. However, Vegast is available in a more limited range of crank arm lengths but comes in two versions, compatible with 24mm and 30mm axles.

  • Rotor Aldhu cranks

    In this section, you will find all our Rotor Aldhu aluminum cranksets available in both 24mm and 30mm axles. Aldhu refers to the CNC-machined aluminum cranks. The available cranksets will vary in terms of lightweight design, aerodynamics, compact gearing, and some models feature the latest advancements in 12-speed chainrings. Aldhu is the most versatile of all Rotor modular cranksets 🚴💨 #RotorAldhu 

  • Rotor Aldhu Carbon cranks

    The Aldhu Carbon crank arms alone are nearly 100g lighter than the aluminum Aldhu arms. The result is spectacular: an extremely responsive and easy-to-handle crankset. Find the Aldhu Carbon you need from our product list, featuring weight-saving models, others with enhanced aerodynamics, those with the Inspider power meter, and the latest models equipped with 12-speed chainrings For Sram and Shimano

  • Rotor Kapic crankset...

    Kapic is the MTB line of Rotor cranksets. There are several versions with aluminum and carbon arms. All Kapic can be made with 4 axle lengths which makes this crankset compatible with all MTB frames. Kapic are all designed for single chainring mount and they are directmount (spidering) or spider mount when they come with INspider powermeter.

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