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Inspider, Inpower, and 2INpower: 3 variations of Rotor powermeters. Inpower for discovering power measurement, Inspider for versatility and mounting performance, 2INpower for absolute precision

PowerMeters: Rotor Inspider, Inpower, and 2Inpower |


  • INspider cranksets

    Vegast INspider, Aldhu INspider, Aldhu Carbon INspider... Make your own Rotor INspider crankset with the features that you need. INspider is a spider powermeter that measures power in the spider. The accuracy is excellent and can be compared to  a dual sided powermeter. The only difference with a dual sided is that balance is calculated and not measured. Balance is less precise on INspider than on 2INpower. However the large choice of arms, arm lengths, arm materials, 24/30mm spindles and chainrings make this technology the best seller of the Rotor Powermeter line.

  • INpower cranksets

    INpower is a competitive powermeter with a single side measure, left only. That's enough to manage your pace during a ride, a climb. You get the access to the whole choice of Rotor chainrings for a reasonable price.

  • 2INpower cranksets

    2INpower & 2INpower SL powermeters. They have both 4 pairs of strain gauges, a 30mm spindle and and internal battery. SL is lighter.

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